The War Is On – A Reality Check On The Battle Between Online Casinos And Land Based Casinos

Gambling has been part of human civilization since ages. Gambling houses and casinos have been majorly catering to the gentrified classes and the masses alike from a record period. The brick and mortar casinos

Are places where people from all the walks of life meet and socialize and stake and win. In the early 1990’s, the internet happened, and over the period of years, online casinos were ready to welcome players into their virtual precincts.

All the time it was believed that both the models of the casinos were independent of each other and they can never over lap on each other. It is believed that the prospects of one could not affect the prospects of the other nor can it influence the popularity of each.

The online casino and its scope:

There are at least one thousand online casinos around the world, and the rough estimates are that the revenue generated is between $7 million to $20 million on an average day. The industry looks so promising that ever since the process has begun, there are no signs of slowing or stopping even for a small period.

A survey that maps the behavior of people states that gambling online is one of the activities that people mostly indulge. The same survey also says categorically that the net revenue generated by people playing at the various online casinos even exceeds the revenue that revenue generated by people who purchase and read sports books that found online.

The battle is on:

Being a connoisseur of gambling in both land based and online form of the casino, I can say that both have their advantages and disadvantages. But personally, for me, it is the online version that works for me because I do not have to worry about driving all the way and visiting a real casino. Whenever I feel lucky, I just open my laptop on my couch, and I am dealing a hand on my poker table or playing a slot blissfully.

I feel hungry, and I have to just walk till my kitchen counter, and if I want to call it quits, I check out immediately without much ado.

Atmosphere and ambience:

For some of the people I interviewed, a real casino is what works for them. The real brick and mortar casino gives them a high because the ambience is such that it can charge everyone up.

The entry to a beautifully lit casino and the clinking sound of the real slot machines and the glitz and glamour of the people sashaying in and out of the hallowed places is what gives people a high and enlivens their spirits.

People who love online casinos are much more:Online casino connoisseurs are much more, and the reasons for the growing popularity of the online casino over a land based casino are because firstly, to visit an online casino, you don’t need to go anywhere; no driving and getting stuck in high traffic area. You feel lucky and you drop in an online casino. It’s as simple as that. Nothing spells more comfort than doing your thing from the comfort of your living room or your home office corner of your house.

Secondly, when you play in an online casino, you are more in control of your environment. You can decide what distractive element to cut out and what to have around. If you are someone who does not like an environment with people smoking then you can control that by playing online.


Thirdly, playing in online casinos is like having control over your numbers. How much money you staked, when and how much you won is all charted and in perspective. At the land based casinos, it can get a little tricky about the money played with and the amount of money won because in a land based casinos the players purchase chips with their money and play with the chips. In an online casino, it is easy to stay in charge as you are playing with real money.

Any winner yet?The scenario is good for both the forms of A majority of people enjoy gambling in both the forms. A lot of people are overjoyed that online casinos give them the flexibility of logging in from home on the days when they are physically not able to make it to the land based ones. And the online gamblers once in a while love to turn up at the land based ones to enjoy the ambience and feel the change.

That brings us to the conclusion that there are a lot of people who overlap at both the forms of playing and while both the forms have their advantages and disadvantages, it is difficult to decide which overpowers the other.